Customer Commitment Unwavering Integrity
In an era when customers are viewed as mere resources to profit achievement and where customer service has been replaced by creative selling, Premier is setting a new standard. We will provide honest assessments, complete disclosure, and personalized service that we guarantee will exceed your expectations. Our confidence in ensuring your total satisfaction will be reflected in our 100%, performance based agreement. The manner in which we serve, support, and communicate with you will reveal our foundational beliefs. Instead of using the word “integrity” as a cleaver marketing tool, our integrity will be evidenced by our actions. We have no other goal than to serve you with excellence, while exceeding your expectations.
Environmental Stewardship Continuous Quality Improvement
We are committed to harnessing the industry’s best resources and services, within a competitive financial framework, for the purpose of improving your competitive advantage. Our stewardship responsibility in regards to maintaining a safe, secure, and hazard free environment, will be non-negotiable. As your partner, our commitment is to continually improve our service delivery, communications, responsiveness, and the products and services that underpin your success. We are constantly negotiating with our providers to improve the quality of the products we provide and use in our service delivery to our customers, while insuring all of our costs are competitive. Savings which we may achieve through our diligent negotiations will be immediately passed on to our customers in the form of price reductions.